Why You Should “Fluff Your Girls” (and how to do it right)

As inappropriate as it may sound, “fluffing your girls” is something you may want to think about doing on a daily basis.

In our modern world of underwire bras, our breasts are barely budging throughout the day. But at what expense?

In and around our breast tissue, we have a whole network of lymphatic tissue – a vital component to our body’s natural detoxification process.

“Lymph” (from Latin lympha, meaning “water”) is the colorless fluid that flows through our lymphatic system, making stops along the way at various lymph nodes, which you can think of as filtration sites or mini chemical detoxification plants. These lymph nodes purify and filter the lymph, removing bacteria, foreign substances and toxins to help keep you healthy.


So… what exactly is the lymphatic system?


While the cardiovascular system often takes center stage in health discussions, the lymphatic system is the somewhat less sexy (though very important) vascular system in the body.

“Vascular” just means “vessels.” So while the cardiovascular system carries blood in its vessels, the lymphatic vascular system carries lymph. And the two are actually quite interconnected. Essentially, our blood vessels carry oxygen and nutrients to our cells for nourishment, and in that nutrient exchange, some of the fluid surrounding the cells gets absorbed into our lymphatic vessels so that the fluid can be purified before it once again reenters the bloodstream. So it’s a constant cycling of fluid from blood into lymph to be cleaned, back into blood, back into lymph, etc.

The thing is, while your cardiovascular system has a serious pump working for it (your heart), your lymphatic system relies on you moving your body in order for it to flow. This is why exercise and movement are crucial to keep your lymph pumping and detoxifying the chemicals we are all bombarding our bodies with on a daily basis.


And think about it: if many of your lymph nodes are in and around your breast tissue, yet you are always restricting the motion of your breasts – how healthy can that be for lymphatic drainage and detoxification? Moving stagnant lymph is something all of us can do to help enhance our body’s natural healing ability.


Axillary lymph nodes Female naked body, with full Lymphatic system superimposed. Anatomy image.


So how does one go about “fluffing the girls”?

There are several ways to do it. One simple routine to get into is this: when you’re crawling into bed, lean over for just a moment with your breasts facing downward and give the girls a jostle and a little massage. Running up and down a flight of stairs or bouncing on a mini trampoline with a bra that’s not too constricting are valid options as well.

Here’s to keeping our girls and bodies healthy!


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