May Desktop Calendar

I am a sucker for beautiful desktop backgrounds. There’s something so calming to me about opening up my computer at the start of the day and being greeted by a lovely image.

I’m also in love with anything that helps keep me inspired and organized in my business and my life AND that keeps me in the present. As part of this practice, I usually rotate my desktop backgrounds on a monthly basis, and recently I’ve been creating these backgrounds myself (graphic design is a stress-reducing hobby of mine).

I’ve decided to share my monthly calendars with you in the hopes that they will keep you inspired, organized and in the present as well. I’ll be sending them to you each month and would love to hear what you think of them!

BBN May Desktop Calendar

Click the image above to go to the higher resolution version of the calendar, then click and drag the larger photo to your desktop. From there, for Mac users, right click on your desktop, choose “Change Desktop Background” and select the image that you just dragged to your desktop. For pc users, click the start button, then click on the Control Panel, then in the search box type “desktop background”, and then click “Change Desktop Background” and select the image.


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