In My Pantry: Sarah’s Skinny Sweets

I will be the first to admit that I am a sucker for the occasional good cookie.


Or… slice of rich cake, or handful of chocolate-covered malt balls (too good, too good) or any number of foods that I know perfectly well aren’t health-constructive.


I’m a believer in the 90/10 theory (or 80/20 as some people prefer), where 90% of the time, the foods I’m eating are nutrient-dense, whole, unprocessed and awesome for my health. And 10% of the time, I fully and without guilt enjoy whatever it is I’ve chosen to eat. I find this balance keeps me honest and levelheaded about my diet (and my profession).


So I love when I can find a healthier treat that completely satisfies that feeling of indulgence while not completely derailing my efforts to care for and nurture the health of my body.


Enter: Sarah’s Skinny Sweets

Sara's Skinny Sweets Banner


I had the pleasure met Sarah and her husband at a gluten-free expo in Pasadena earlier this year (who both happen to be ridiculously good looking people) where they introduced me to their delightful cookies.


Sarah uses coconut flour as the base for her cookies (my flour of choice) and sweetens them with xylitol, which has been shown to improve oral health. Coconut oil and coconut milk provide healthy fats and plenty of moisture and help make these treats deliciously dense. My favorite kind was the Orange Cranberry Almond.


You can find these products online at or through her store locator:


You’re welcome!


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