Here's the thing:

Most of us could be feeling (a lot) better than we are.


Carrying excess weight (no fun), dealing with energy crashes (who has time for that?) struggling with acne (painfully annoying), relying on pills to deal with PMS (your periods can – and should – be symptom-free), and on and on – these are simply signs that your body is out of balance.


That body of yours, wherever it may be right now, is an innately perfect machine. But like any machine, it doesn’t work so well with the wrong fuel. My intention in putting this website together is to help provide you with the tools for choosing what that right fuel is for YOU.


Nutrition is not one-size-fits-all. Due to the fact of bio-individuality, the style of eating that makes your friend lose weight, get glowing skin and feel amazing might have a very different effect on you. Fortunately, there are many principles we can all benefit from, and by educating yourself and really listening to your body, you can take the reigns and achieve your health goals.


My name is Jessica Pantermuehl (yeah, I know – it’s German. PON-ter-MEAL) and I’m a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


I’ve been working with individual clients for several years in my own practice, Beautifully Balanced Nutrition, and am also the Head of Nutrition Counseling for an integrative medical practice here in Los Angeles.


I specialize in helping women create hormonal calm, balance blood sugar levels, resolve PMS and prepare their bodies for healthy pregnancies, although I have successfully helped clients with a variety of health issues, including a range of digestive issues, candida, weight loss, fatigue and autoimmune disorders.


I am so happy you are here and I hope that the information I provide empowers, educates and inspires you to be the healthiest version of yourself.


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p.s. Want a tool to help you get started with listening to your body as I mentioned above? I’ve put something together to help you do just that. Grab it right here.