Are Last Year’s Resolutions Standing in the Way of This Year’s?

Do you have a list full of resolutions for 2015 but some hesitation on how you’re going to get them all done? Perhaps you are feeling just a little overwhelmed by the things that didn’t get done in 2014?


If so, here’s an exercise that can help bring you into the right frame of mind for starting 2015 with a clean slate, fully present and ready to embark upon your best year yet:

The New Year Exercise

1.Take out some paper and write down a list of all the tasks you started last year but have not completed, especially those that are bothering you. Yep, all of them. Leave a few inches of space between each one.


Maybe you’ve been meaning to get to those bank statements shoved in a stack somewhere near your desk. Or your closet has been in a perpetual state of mid-organization. Broken vacuüm needing to go in for repair, unpainted fence in your back yard, whatever. Write them all down.


2. Now, go back through your list and write down the exact steps you need to take to complete each task. Think through each actual step, making sure it’s realistic, for completing each one.


3. Lastly, pull out your calendar and write down when you are going to do each of these things.


Be honest with yourself when you schedule it out. It might not happen in a day, a week or even a month. But if you really plan out when you are going to attack each item and what it’s really going to take to get it done, and then do it, you will eventually complete them all.


And without all of those nagging, unfinished tasks that unknowingly distract and prevent you from operating in the present, you truly can create your best year yet.